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How To Retain Gen Y Employees


This blog is for two different groups of people:


Group A: It’s for you if you were born sometime between 1980 – 2000 (give or take) and you feel frustrated and disillusioned at work. You yearn for more, you feel you’re banging your head against a wall and you’re not entirely sure what to...

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Tapping in the Congo

The Congo is a tough place to be a woman.

Here is an article about how tapping and a train-the-trainer model is helping an Eastern Congolese community.


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An Open Letter


TO: All Future Leaders & Change-Makers


FROM: Sarah Cleghorn, Founder of Tapping Into Your Genius


The audacity of hope is no longer enough.


Obama’s rallying cry to the world to open their hearts just a fraction wider and believe in possibility for just a tad longer was perfect...

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Ever been told to ‘get over it’?

It was the early 2000s, we were studying at the same university, she was a girlfriend from high school and we were chatting over coffee.


Her boyfriend had done something. Or hadn’t done something. I can’t quite recall.


We went through the ‘he said, she said’, we went through the ‘he did, she did’, there were a lot of...

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How to be a good hooker

A hooker turns up 15 minutes late to a house call. She’s flustered. Her make-up is smudged. Her buttons aren’t done up properly. The first thing out of her mouth is “sorry, my previous client took ages.”


For the record, I don’t support prostitution. However, in this era of busy-worship and...

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EFT tapping on the BBC

Professor Tony Stewart talks about EFT tapping on BBC Midlands.

I love Dr Ian Walton’s honesty at 1m27s – “I was very cynical…he proved me wrong..don’t understand it but it seems to work.”

Spotted: EFT tapping in the media

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EFT tapping is gaining traction and I love hearing about its different uses and successes from around the world.


Here is a link to an article from The Guardian. Naomie Harris, who plays Winnie Mandela in the upcoming ‘Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom’, shares with the journalist that she has successfully used EFT tapping for performance anxiety.

Read all about it here.


And take a moment to think about any performance anxiety in your life… What might be...

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